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Pediatric dentistry is a dental specialty that addresses children, dealing with the prevention and treatment of baby teeth and permanent teeth youth. Child visit the dentist should occur early how; it is desirable that it be conducted in a cheerful atmosphere, relaxed baby and a charge like a playground.
At first, the first visit, the parent can remain in office during consultation, then you'd better get used to stay alone with the child in cabinet.
Pediatric dentistry deals with all aspects of prevention and treatment of dental diseases: prevention, therapy, surgery and not least jaws dental abnormalities detection and solving them by the orthodontist.
1.Inhalosedarea treatments at Children
2.Inhalosedarea treatments in adults.
Inhalosedarea is a method of treatment of dental diseases in children and adults who are afraid of medical treatments in general and in particular those dental (noise of the vacuum cleaner, the mill turbine, acrid odors of chemicals, injections of local anesthesia). It consists of inhaling through the nose using a special mask of a gas mixture that is mostly oxygen and a small amount of nitrous oxide. The effect of inhaling is installed after a variable time up to 20-30 minutes and consists in reducing anxiety, ie that fears unexplained us contains many of us in front of a medical procedure, but also installs relaxation conscious, wellbeing, leading the patient to laughter without a specific reason.
The method is noninvasive and does not give tolerance, once gas leakage was stopped is administered mask oxygen for a few minutes and the patient is ready to get out of the chair, sometimes not remember too well what kind of intervention had but in all cases leave smiling and returns every time curious and ready for a new challenge.
The method is used especially in children starting with 3 years old, children suffering from different degrees of disability but also adults who remained in fear of dental treatments since childhood.
A large number of procedures like implants or are scaling subbgingival and flap operations can practice using inhalosedarii the case with local anesthesia is used to allow the doctor just execute a more complex treatment and longer-lasting.
Inhalosedarea has no contraindications obvious unless children with asthma or breathing pronounced oral or adults affected by septal deviation and other obstructions of the airway.
The device used by our clinic is the most powerful in the world with the ability to monitor in real time the patient's vital parameters (blood pressure, pulse, oxygen concentration and carbon dioxide in the air inspired / expired.


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