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The dental implant is a way to replace a lost tooth without affecting bordering teeth edentulous space. To determine the appropriateness of inserting the implant and existing conditions (three-dimensional quantitative and qualitative enough bone) needed some investigations before the intervention itself or a panoramic X-ray and a CT scan of the jaw implant to be placed. Prophylactic depending on the overall health of the patient is or is not an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapy.
The implant is a screw that is inserted into the jawbone under local anesthesia. More implants can be inserted during the same surgery. Depending on each case, there is a waiting period (osseointegration), 4-7 months.
After this period, there is a ray of control and applies a blunt (metal or zirconia) which is screwed into the implant over the crown prosthetics lab run.
For the success of the implant, besides mastery surgeon must be a very good doctor-patient cooperation. The patient must be very careful oral hygiene, use interdental brush and irrigator and come to control at least once every 4 months.


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