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Since the first consultation is necessary to perform a professional cleaning and scaling, accompanied by thoroughly cleaning the air flow (a jet of water mixed with particles of sodium bicarbonate), which ends up admirably initial cleanse.
Pearl whitening lamp
It is a way to achieve a whiter smile in no time. The patient is a complete sanitization then apply proper substance whose effect is potentiated by the UV lamp. After the case is a protective fluoride. This can be done either in cabinet, in 2-3 sessions (results are spectacular since the first application) or at home with trays, this procedure requiring a longer indelungat.Albirea addresses all patients have their teeth by age 18, the process nevizand prosthetic and crown restorations (fillings).

Smiling is the business card of a man and reflects his mood. A recent study showed that people with a nice smile are more attractive and full of viata.Datoria cosmetic dentistry is to put a smile on the face of any man like Hollywood stars, who can restore confidence in the technical sine.Cu fatetarii noninvasive LURASMILE possible even without tooth polish. Our clinic is one of the few in Romania where it performs these facets. Although it is new to our country, in America they existed for over 20 years. These veneers are made of a special porcelain. If traditional veneers veneers can be performed in any laboratory, a technician with some experience, veneers are made only in labaratoare LURASMILE speciale.Dar, to see what a facet LURASMILE and its advantages compared to classical veneers. First, veneers and false nails are common nails are thin naturale.Fatetele LURASMILE like a contact lens, which allows their application directly on the tooth without it being polished and without it bulge. Meanwhile, they are also very durable. On application offers a 5 year warranty consisting of a certificate with the name of the patient, but the practice has shown that there are patients who facets of this type already 15-20 years.
With these facets can correct defects in tooth position, color, shape or diastemas even treme. LURASMILE offers a way to have whiter and perfectly aligned teeth pemanent painless! It is known that, after grinding treatment to apply the traditional veneers veneers, teeth can become sensitive. This does not happen with facets LURASMILE as their application does not require sanding, so it is a non-invasive and painless. Needed only two visits to the dentist: first, to take its toll and to take pictures for better understanding of the patient's physiognomy, and the second to cement the veneers.
esthetic restorations
In ordinary language are called plombe.Ele remedy the substance of the dental crown, caused by caries, fractures, structural defects of enamel, etc. Also, old fillings that have changed color and are not properly adapted to be inlocuite.In order to restore functionality and aesthetic dental filling materials we use the latest generation of light-curing composite, which fill the missing portions and regains crown natural appearance of teeth.
ZirconiuNoutatea crowns, prosthetic treatments in Europe and USA is to replace the classic metal-ceramic crowns (popularly known under the name of crowns) with the support zirconia ceramic crowns. Romania recently in this type of work is gaining ground against traditional methods of coating the teeth or dental implants. Bear in mind that although zirconium is a metal (very strong), its optical properties determine the natural aesthetics of the works, so after cementing them in the mouth, even dentists have difficulty to differentiate them from natural teeth. Basically, zirconium becomes support the aesthetic ceramics, light reflectance mode is similar to that of a tooth natural.Aspectele benefits of this material's properties are determined by:
- Full compatibility with the tissues of the mouth, because zircon is practically bio-inert, hence eliminating any possibility of developing an allergic reaction
- Decreased risk of damage to the dental pulp due to low thermal conductivity of the preparation and limited the tooth (requires minimal removal of dental substance - enamel)
- Sustainability work, due to increased mechanical resistance and total absence of corrosion in the oral environment
- Eliminate unpleasant taste and staining marginal (phenomena present in restorations with ceramic crowns classic), due to marginal adaptation impeccable works ceramic zirconium as a result of using CAD / CAM technology in the works on zirconium dental technician is assisted by computer technology CAD / CAM (Computer Assisted Design / Computer Assisted Manufacturing) enabling faithful reproduction of the preparation made by the restored tooth doctor.


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